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Fawakeh is a fabulous attar with a fantastic fruity fragrance composition created to be adorned by men and women both. An unisex attar created as an ode to the gender neutrality trend in perfumery. Fawakeh derives its name from the Arabic word for fruits, representing the desired result of tasting the "fruitsThis attar opens with a bright blissful burst of tropical fruits, which makes the first whiff smell like a basket of fresh fruits. It has a lovely floral bouquet in the heart composed with heady floral notes. The heart of its olfactory pyramid evokes a feeling of walking into the Garden of Eden, covered with lush greenery and scented flowers in various colours. It settles down on the skin with a Lactonic aroma. A lactonic note is the one that has a milky, creamy, or sweet dairy type aroma. Some of the ingredients from which these fragrances are derived include Coconut, Almond, Peach skin. All our attars are created with pure essential oil absolutes. The olfactive family of this attar Aromatic, Floral and Sweet.
Heart Notes : FLORAL
Base Notes : LACTONIC

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