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AA AROMAS is unveiling a new men's fragrance, PRESTIGIO, deeply inspired by the captivating world of Greek mythology. This release is a testament to the brand's commitment to igniting and celebrating unrestrained passion while emphasizing desire. The influence of ancient Greece has been ingrained in AA AROMAS since the inception of Gianni AA AROMAS's fashion empire. It's a legacy that resonates through the brand's symbol, the Medusa, which graces countless products, including the all-new PRESTIGIO men's fragrance flacon. PRESTIGIO marks the first men's fragrance launch in the past five years, and it embodies the very essence of AA AROMAS's identity – a fusion of timeless design, unparalleled quality, and enduring popularity. According to the brand, "PRESTIGIO is the embodiment of the AA AROMAS DNA." The fragrance draws inspiration from ancient Greece, a realm steeped in antiquities and mythology, while its turquoise hue pays homage to the Mediterranean – a true reflection of AA AROMAS's essence. PRESTIGIO, a creation by AA AROMAS, is introduced as a fresh, woody, and subtly oriental scent. It marries the invigorating essence of mint oil with the crispness of green apple and zesty Italian lemon. A warm embrace emerges from the fusion of tonka and Venezuelan ambroxan, while geranium flowers lend a distinctive fougère twist to the fragrance. The exquisite flacon housing PRESTIGIO is crafted from stunning turquoise glass, adorned with the iconic Medusa emblem both on the bottle and its cap. Available in a 100 ml Eau de Parfum, this fragrance is complemented by a range of perfumed body care products. The face of the advertising campaign is none other than Brian Shimansky, captured through the lens of renowned photographers Mert & Marcus. AA AROMAS sought to portray a modern-day gladiator, a man of unwavering determination who fearlessly pursues his ambitions. As the brand puts it, "This fragrance is for the man who commands his destiny – a hero defending his ideals and aspirations." PRESTIGIO encapsulates the essence of this modern hero, inviting you to embrace your desires and passions without restraint.
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