Jannat UL Firdaus

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Jannat Ul Firdaus is an invigorating attar created to be adorned by men and women both. An olfactory paradise in a bottle was created as an ode to the gender neutrality trend in perfumery. Jannat Ul Firdaus is an Arabic word which means paradise, or garden. An attar that smells like a heavenly abode. This attar starts when applied on the skin, in the first whiff has an aldehydic and floral aroma. Aldehydes in the top notes have an aroma that is equal parts musky, honeyed and intensely fresh, for an utterly exciting and unique genderless creation. Floral top notes give it freshness and sweetness. The heart notes are concocted with a myriad of odiferous woods, which gives it an intensely wood heart. Once it dries down, it leaves a scent trail of Musk and Sandalwood, as these notes are present in the base. All our attars are created with pure essential oil absolutes. The olfactive family of this attar Floral, Woody and Powdery.

Heart Notes: WOODY

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Jannat UL Firdaus
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