King sheikh zayed oud air freshner Made in U.A.E -300ml

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This luxurious room air freshener will fill your space with the rich scent of oud. Made in the UAE by AA Aromas, King Sheikh Zayed Oud is inspired by the fragrance favored by the late ruler. The 300ml spray bottle provides generous and long-lasting diffusion of the warm, woody aroma. Crafted using only natural essential oils, this air freshener creates an ambiance of calm and luxury without harsh chemicals. The scent evokes memories of travels to the Middle East, transporting you each time you refresh the room. King Sheikh Zayed Oud will leave any space feeling regal and refined. A little goes a long way, so this bottle will last for months with regular use. Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms or home offices, this premium air freshener is a luxurious way to scent any interior.
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King sheikh zayed oud air freshner Made in U.A.E -300ml
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