Malik Al Lail Air Freshner Made In U.A.E - 300ml

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Malik Al Lail room air freshener by AA Aromas is a refreshing way to scent any space. This 300ml liquid spray has been specially formulated with a masculine scent profile of rich leather and wood notes to evoke the mystique of the Arabian desert night. The deep black color of the bottle complements the aroma, transporting the mind with each subtle waft. Long-lasting fragrance molecules ensure the space is imbued with the scent for hours, without needing to spray too frequently. Ideal for large rooms or entire homes, this air freshener helps eliminate odors to leave everything feeling fresh and clean. The spray nozzle makes targeted application easy, whether used on furniture, curtains or other surfaces. Imported directly from the UAE, Malik Al Lail adds an exotic touch of luxury to any indoor area.
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Malik Al Lail Air Freshner Made In U.A.E - 300ml
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