Maruf Oud Air Freshner Made In U.A.E - 300ml

Rs. 299.00 Rs. 239.00

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This room and car air freshener will leave your space smelling beautifully fragrant. As an oud scent, it has warm woody notes that are subtly sweet and inviting. The 300ml size ensures it will keep your car or room smelling pleasant for a long time. Made by AA Aromas in the UAE, it utilizes high quality ingredients to produce a rich aromatic essence without being overpowering. Spritz it lightly around your vehicle or living areas for a sophisticated scent that lifts your mood and complements any environment. Its non-aerosol formula makes it safe to use without worrying about residue. Ideal for personalizing small enclosed spaces, this oud air freshener is sure to leave lasting impressions.
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Maruf Oud Air Freshner Made In U.A.E - 300ml
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