Oud al lail Room Air Fragrance - 300ml

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Infuse your space with the rich scent of Oud Al Lail room and car air freshener. Crafted by UAE-based brand AA Aromas, this 300ml air freshener uses premium Dahl el-Khalili Perfume Oil to fill the air with an aromatic blend of oud, amber, and musk notes. Lasting up to 30 days in rooms up to 500sq ft and up to 2 weeks in vehicles, this air freshener provides long-lasting fragrance without overpowering. The oil-based formula releases its complex, woody scent slowly for a subtle yet impactful aroma. Great for homes, offices and cars, this air freshener is sure to leave your space smelling luxurious. Imported directly from the UAE, Oud Al Lail air freshener adds a touch of Middle Eastern luxury to any environment.
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Oud al lail Room Air Fragrance - 300ml
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